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Sunday, February 19

shooot..! shoot..! shot!

He's the boy 
that way he laughs
Makes me smile
and when He talks
He give me butterflies :)
Just everything
about him
makes me

i LOVE him so much
he makes me laugh
more than anyone else.. :))

and remember
no one
you like i do :))

true LOVE lasts forever
and YOU re one in a million :)

* Ahmad Afdhaluddin Bin Zamri *



Friday, February 17

i still remember for the word that he give to me ! :)

I AlwAys bEside y0ur until tHe vEry eNd,

wiPpiNg All y0ur tEars AwaY, 

bEing yOu be

BeSt c0uplE. 

I'll sMilE whEn y0u sMilE, 

aNd feEl tHe pAin y0 do,

 aNd iF y0u cRy a siNglE tEars, 

I pr0miSe I'll cRy to0. . .


* love you B :))....syg kamo ketat2.. :D *